Business in Hawaii? Achieving Balance in Business Financial Ease of Mind

Business in Hawaii?

Achieving Balance in Business

Financial Ease of Mind


Aloha and welcome to our website!

We have been in business here in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii since 2009 yet the managing member of Big Island Accounting Services, LLC has been working in this field for more than 20+ years!

Our goal is to provide you with our exceptional services at affordable rates, with a focused approach to your specific business needs and a touch of aloha! That is to say, you will not find high pressure approaches to our services at any time.

You will be treated with courtesy & respect, as we only work with same, and finding aloha here in business is how we prefer to treat our clients. Happily we can say that our high client retention rate is comparable to the exceptional services provided too.

We take pride in having great relationships with our local banks, those at our State Tax offices, as well as each and every client we take on as a “good fit” for us!

Lastly, while everyone else is jumping to cloud-based storage solutions, because we are not wanting nor willing to put our Client’s sensitive information on the cloud, we are a very different kind of company! We have the benefit of government security cameras around our building and we prefer to keep all client information in house! This means that we will always have access to your records, should you need them.

Please feel free to browse our website and contact us for additional information.

E Komo Mai!



That’s right! Doing business in Hawaii is not like anywhere else on earth! What is this thing called GE Tax anyway and why can’t I treat it the same as Sales Tax?

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